• Pump Service & Maintenance


Over the past 8 years we have been working with the Auckland Council via the United Group & now DTZ in the area of pool water services maintenance. We are now looking to offer our Pump Service & Maintenance services to DTZ for a more comprehensive & versatile service.


  • Responsive Pump Service


We have an Auckland Based service team of five installation & service engineers. We are available to attend site 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We have trained electrical staff on hand to disconnect & reconnect electric motors to ensure there is no delay in achieving the required repairs.


  • Shut Down Pump Maintenance


We look forward to working with DTZ and Auckland Council to maintain their swimming pool plant assets. We will work with DTZ to find superior and innovative ways to help streamline the service and maintenance of the numerous pump brands at your multiple sites around the Auckland region.

We can help with maintenance planning and system upgrades, as well as recommendations for new installations.


  • Machining and Repairs


We have the ability to repair volutes, impellers & motor shafts. We have taken leaking pumps with scored shafts, machined them and installed new shaft sleeves and put back them into service where they have performed at least as good as factory original.

We have built up volutes & back plates with resin and machined back to factory tolerances. The part ends up being as good as, if not superior, to the factory original part when supplied new.


  • New Installations & System Upgrades


With our extensive experience within the Water Treatment and Pool Water Services industries we can not only supply new pumping equipment for jobs as specified, we can also design a pumping system from scratch, including tanks, pumps (as authorised distributors of Grundfos products, this is our preference for new systems, but we can accommodate any reputable brand desired), pipework and electrical control. We believe this diversity greatly increases the value we can offer to our clients & their customers.



  • Coating Systems


We have the onsite ability and a comprehensively equipped workshop, to strip & recoat metal surfaces for pumps & motors. We have a media blasting booth & painting booth to enable us to apply a coating system that offers superior protection in typical pool plant room environments, often even better than original.


  • Equipment & Plant

  • Media Blasting Booth


We have the equipment and suitable media to enable media blasting of the surfaces of almost any part. This booth has a dust extraction system, LED lighting and a viewing window, to ensure a thorough and uniform surface preparation.


Media Blasting Booth



  • Spray Painting Booth


We have an open front spray painting booth which is suitable for small to medium sized components. The high level of air movement greatly increases the quality of the paint finish.


Spray Painting Booth



  • Paint Quality Testing


We have the ability to test the paint coating we apply in our workshop with our in-house Dry Film Thickness (DFT) meter. This ensures the correct amount of paint has been added to a surface as per the supplier’s recommendations.


Paint Quality Testing


  • Paint Coating Systems


We have chosen to use two-pack paint systems as our standard coating, as a no-compromise approach to the quality of the refurbished product.


  • Resene Armourcote 220 – Epoxy Primer


Resene Armourcote 220 is a polyamide cured inhibitive epoxy primer for general industrial and marine use. This primer can be recoated with a wide range of topcoats to give durable paint systems for immersion and non-immersion services.

(Find Product Data Sheet Here.)


  • Resene Uracryl 403 – Urethane Acrylic Gloss Finish


Resene Uracryl 403 is a unique high performance two component finish coat with excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture, petroleum solvents and mineral and vegetable oils, alkalis and acids. The most unique feature of Resene Uracryl 403 is that, unlike most other classes of high performance coatings, it looks as good as it protects. The sophisticated combination of aliphatic urethanes and urethane reactive acrylic resins gives a system unsurpassed for gloss and colour retention.

(Find Product Data Sheet Here.)


  • Polyglass – Resin Repair System


This development was pioneered entirely by Corrocoat UK’s own Research and Development team. Corrocoat coatings use glass flake fillers, which are impermeable and significantly increase the diffusion path through the coating. This produces a barrier layer, slowing moisture diffusion and the corrosion potential to an almost nonexistent level.

The flakes of glass orientate themselves within the coating film to reduce the passage of moisture vapour. This effect is known as the tortuous path. Corrocoat sister company produces the unique, uniform, and high aspect ratio glass flakes.

Substantial coating improvements are achieved by using these flakes rather than the variable and much thicker flakes or beads available in other coatings. The end result is Corrocoat materials achieve, in our experience, better corrosion protection; one of the core determining factors why this product was chosen by H2O Systems for our pump refurbishments.


Polyglass – Resin Repair System



  • Pump Volute & Backplate Repair


We have used the Corrocoat system to repair damaged volutes, back plates & impellers. The coating can be layered onto any metal surface to build up damaged areas, where it can be safely and accurately machined back to original tolerances.

(Find Product Case Study Here.)




  • Coating System (Step by Step)


Swimming Pool Pump Volute

Volute After Media Blasting


Corrocoat Volute


Volute with Two Pack Epoxy Under Coat

Volute with Two Pack Urethane



  • Health & Safety


We are committed to work with our various clients and within all applicable regulatory standards, to ensure the highest levels of safety on all our pump service & maintenance jobs.


  • Site Safe Passports


All our maintenance staff members have current site safe construction passports, up-to-date at all times. We also have people on staff with their Supervisors Gold Card Passport as well.


  • Confined Space Access & Equipment


We have five staff members trained in confined space certification, maintained current at all times. We have invested in appropriate confined space equipment, available for immediate use when our clients need it.

Our in-house equipment consists of:

  • Lifting Tripod
  • Lifting Winch
  • Full Body Harness
  • Gas Detection Equipment

All of our equipment is kept in a certified condition ready for use.




Pump Service & Maintenance



General Works Completed:

  • Pull Back Motor & Remove Wet End & Motor From Site,

  • Strip down pump head & motor,

  • Replace Bearings & Mechanical Seal,

  • Electrical Test Motor,

  • Drop Back to site & Install,


Pump Service & Maintenance


Extra Pictures


Pump Service & Maintenance